image001In the year of 1998, since KEENION established, the sounds and quality became the key point which makes KEENION's headphone popular. The founder of Mr. Lin realized that sounds and quality is the soul of headphone.

The Sound

The central technology of headphone comes from the unit

driver, which returns the real life of sound. KEENION begun to research unit driver by ourselves, and invested driver assemble line for mass production. With the level of requirements becoming more modern and strict, the driver assemble line is improved to auto-machine system for better sounds and quality.


The Quality

Headphone production mostly relied on hand-made works, which needs to be very strictly controlled. From IQC to OQC, we have full system to run this inspection policy for ensuring good product on user's hands. Material reliable and life-long testing in the Lab before pass over to production is our initial process; over 100% full rate inspection in production.







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