KOS means KEENION oversea .

With the support of technology from Keenion, KOS series begin to focus on music enjoy, gaming, and other needs from overseas clients.

  •  For image: Full English version packaging
  •  For design: Simple, vogue, unique, profession
  • For technology: Self-made unit driver for perfect sound
  • For production: Full experience production for 13 years, with modern production line, strictly inspection policy
  • For product: Audio headphone, PC headset, USB headset, gaming headset, earphone & Microphone
  • For market: Reasonable price for competitive, from low-middle to high end
  • For user: Listen to the sounds from user, after-service, bring funny life to user
  • Products categories:

Multimedia PC headset

Stereo audio headphones 



Full size PC headset  

Portable audio headphones     

PC earphones  

 Multimedia Mic

Portable PC headset

  Hi-Fi headphones      

 Audio earphones

Gaming headset      

  DJ headphones    

 Iphone earphones

Neck band PC headset

Clip on PC headset

Laptop PC headset

Internet café bar headset


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